Commercial / Industrial Electrical Department

Commercial Electrical Installation and Service

Our Commercial/Industrial department has been at it for a lot of years and have completed a lot of the commercial/industrial projects in and around the Battlefords.

We take special pride in developing your project for you and giving you the installation you are looking for. We can do any type of job, whether it is a grain handling facility, new shop or a manufacturing plant. You name it and we can wire it, to fit your needs. We can design a retrofit for your lighting to LED and we will calculate your savings with a rate of return for your investment. We can quote your job for you and provide you with a complete list of items of the installation that you would receive so there are no surprises or we can work for you with our hourly rate all the while searching for the best possible prices from the suppliers for the materials we install. Our goal is to provide you with the best installation at the best price.