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L7 Electric Services Offered in North Battleford

At L7 Electric we take pride in our versatility and our ability to do the job well.
We have specialists in each of our departments.

Commercial/Industrial Department

Our Commercial/Industrial department has been at it for a lot of years and have completed a lot of the commercial/industrial projects in and around the Battlefords.

We take special pride in developing your project for you and giving you the installation you are looking for. We can do any type of job, whether it is a grain handling facility, new shop or a manufacturing plant. You name it and we can wire it, to fit your needs. We can design a retrofit for your lighting to LED and we will calculate your savings with a rate of return for your investment. We can quote your job for you and provide you with a complete list of items of the installation that you would receive so there are no surprises or we can work for you with our hourly rate all the while searching for the best possible prices from the suppliers for the materials we install. Our goal is to provide you with the best installation at the best price.


Residential Department

Our Residential department is second to no one.

Our team for your new home, renovation or addition works hard to provide you with fast reliable installation that will allow your project to continue to move forward. We perform a complete walk thru with you prior to the project starting and make sure you are getting exactly what you would like. Along with our quote before we start your new home project we supply you with a list of predetermined costs so that if you would like changes to be made the dollar amount for your credit or charge is known in advance. We are well rehearsed in all the latest technology or trends. We can supply you with the basics or a complete home automation system or anything in between. The choice is yours.


Service Department

Our Service department is ready and willing to locate and repair your electrical problem or install anything you need. We promise to book a time and a day that is good for you. We will do our best to recognize if it is a job for one man or two and do the job as efficiently as possible. Our objective is to keep the cost as low as possible for you all the while installing a great product with the best workmanship. If you would like, we can give you a quote for the work before we start. We also offer a 72” trencher, 54’ towable man lift, 4 scissor lifts, pile digger for light standards, 4000’ square foot fully stocked shop and 11 well stocked service vehicles. We can install data systems, work on fire alarms, LED lighting retrofits, thermal imaging testing and reporting (infrared) and much more. And if nothing else - If you have an emergency we are here for you.

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